• Bore Sighting thumbnail

    Bore Sighting

    Boresighting adjusts to an optical firearm sight or iron sight, aligning the firearm barrel and sights. This will align the cross-hairs of the scope to the spot where the barrel is pointing at a particular distance. Because of variations in the trajectory of ammunition and other factors the bore-sighted rifle will probably not shoot to the exact spot that the cross-hairs indicate. We can provide bore sighting services that will accurately align your sight with the barrel. Never miss a shot with our professional bore sighting services!
  • Bow Stringing thumbnail

    Bow Stringing

    Part of a bow will wear out over time, including the string. When your bowstring needs replacing, consider Town & County Inc.. Our trained technicians are experts at replacing strings so they match your draw weight and are correctly fitted for your bow. Have another problem or question about your bowstring? Ask our skilled service personnel.
  • Bow Tune and Setup thumbnail

    Bow Tune and Setup

    Safety check, tune rest and tiller, adjust weight, wax string, total bow disassemble, lube axles and limb pockets and check timing. Paper tune, string condition, inspection/safety check and tear down with clean/lube.
  • Gun Appraisals thumbnail

    Gun Appraisals

    Wanting to sell, buy, insure, or are just curious about the value of your firearm? At Town & County Inc., we can appraise rifles, handguns, tactical weapons, and other firearms. Using the most up-to-date information about firearms value in the industry, we can give you an accurate appraisal.
  • Optics and Accessories Installation thumbnail

    Optics and Accessories Installation

    Let us mount your optics, sights, and other accessories! We understand how important alignment is when it comes to shooting. Even minor flaws in installation can become a problem with aiming, especially over long distances. Let us mount your accessories onto your firearms so you can get back to doing what you love—hitting that target!